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PLN 300

Walking guide,
 a dog walk with a behaviorist


If you are wondering how to arrange a dream walk for your dog and thus avoid many behavioural problems, or you are already struggling with walking problems, such as pulling on a leash or eating garbage found on the lawn - then this offer is addressed to you.

During a walk together, I will observe your dog and show you how to diversify such an outing to meet all your dog's needs. We will select the optimal walking accessories for you; I will tell you what may cause problem behaviours and how to deal with them. I will also tell you what to pay attention to in contact with other dogs so that it really is dog fun, not competition or mobbing, and how to support your dog in difficult and stressful situations you may encounter on a walk.

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

A walking guide, so a walk with a behavioural specialist, is the perfect offer for you if:

  • your dog pulls on the leash during walks;


  • you struggle with your dog eating garbage and other items found during walks;


  • your dog knows and performs all the tricks and commands at home and outside, (s)he seems to forget what they are about completely,


  • your dog runs away and doesn't want to come back to you when you call him/her;


  • your dog persistently harasses all other dogs it encounters on the walks or, on the contrary, is afraid to approach any dogs (s)he passes;


  • you are bored with repetitious walks around the block and are looking for ways to diversify them;


  • your dog doesn't like walks, is afraid of various stimuli, and wants to go home ASAP.

Such consultation is also a perfect addition to behavioural consultation, WOOFdit, or puppy programs because it allows you to receive condensed practical knowledge on making a daily walk an absolute pleasure for you and your dog!

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