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PLN 350(Live)


live or online

This mysterious name is a dog audit. Although in the corporate world, many people get goosebumps when they hear this phrase, in practice, WOOFdit is an opportunity for an enjoyable educational meeting during which I will show you new possibilities and news from the dog world tailored to your individual pet's needs. This is absolutely not about pointing out mistakes but about taking an objective and professional perspective and showing you the optimal path, which often saves you a lot of stress and expenses.


During a 2-3 hour meeting, which can take place live in Warsaw or online, I will get to know your dog and its temperament better, and therefore, we will analyze together step by step all of your dog's needs, considering them individually in the context of your unique one of a kind, pup.


So we will review, among others, toys, nutrition, walking accessories, sleeping places... I will help you make the right purchases so as not to get lost in the real jungle of dog accessories and gadgets available and tailor the shopping list precisely to your needs and budget.


Thanks to this consultation, you will look at the world through the eyes of your dog and will understand her/his emotions and behaviour more easily. After the consultation, you will receive a report from me with notes regarding your own dog, some shopping suggestions with links to specific products and discount codes for accessories, treats, or webinars.


You could say that WOOFdit is a kind of preventive consultation, like a basic assessment of your dog's health and well-being, and we all know that prevention is always better than cure ;-)

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

WOOFdit is a service that will be useful for:


  • dedicated guardians who want to make sure that their dog has all his/her needs met and thus prevent many potential behavioural problems,

  • as well as those who are just getting ready to welcome a dog into their home and want to be sure they will be well prepared for the new family member when completing the first layette.


This is also a great way to start any therapeutic cooperation because it allows us to focus entirely and in detail on the analysis of meeting the individual dog needs of your pet, which is always the basis for starting any more complex behavioural therapy. Often, modifications introduced only in this area can significantly improve the dog's emotions and eliminate many problem behaviours.

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