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PLN 320 (online)


PLN 350 (live)

Puppy ABC

live or online

Puppies - adorable and sweet bundles of fluffy joy, but also absolute chaos on four legs ;-) How do you live with a little "dog-piranha" by your side and not turn out crazy? Almost every new dog guardian asks themselves this question sooner or later.

Therefore, I have created this Puppy ABC offer in response to that need.

As part of Puppy ABC, you can find several options for my help:


If you want to prepare, as best as possible, for the arrival of your puppy at home, complete a layette and create a safe home for such a dog baby, I encourage you to choose the WOOFdit consult, in a version tailored strictly to the needs of puppies.

Suppose you want to start training your dog and teaching them useful behaviours for everyday life (walking on a leash, staying calmly at home, playing, recalling, etc.), accustom them to stress-free care treatments and plan their socialization and habituation well. In that case, I invite you to check my Dog Home School offer.

As part of Puppy ABC, I also invite you to regular online or live consultations, during which we will discuss typical puppy problems and find the best solutions. Of course, this is a space where you can ask me about anything that concerns your individual dog, but what we are most often discussing during such a meeting is:

  • potty training

  • puppy biting and overcoming difficulties of teething

  • what is socialization and habituation, and why is it so important

  • how to choose a dog kindergarten and fit training to your dog's abilities and character

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

Puppy ABC is an offer for you if:

  • a new puppy has appeared under your roof, and you want to teach her/him from scratch useful behaviours in everyday life;

  • you are preparing for the arrival of a puppy to your home, and you want to prepare as best as possible for the role of a new dog parent and complete a layette that will really serve you and your pup;

  • you are thinking about buying a puppy and want to be sure that you will not fall victim to fraud from a pseudo-breeder;


  • you need help choosing a breed that's perfect for you and your lifestyle;


  • you need help assessing the character of a puppy at a shelter or breeder before adoption.

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