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Price starts from:


 PLN 320 (online)


PLN 350 (live)

Dog and cat behavioural consultation

live or online

Do you dream that the classic saying "live like a dog with a cat" is taking on a new meaning, synonymous with wonderful relationships? Dogs and cats usually don't have much in common - different activity times, communication, and territorial needs. But these two worlds can be effectively combined. As both a dog and a cat behaviourist, I will be happy to help you with this and guide you through the world of both species. Together, we will try to make these animals get along well with each other and maybe even make them best friends.

Because I need to get to know each animal individually well, in terms of their essential species-oriented needs, when you are signing in for a dog&cat consultation, please fill out the two separate appropriate forms - one for all cats in your herd and the other for all dogs in the herd and send them both, so that I have a complete picture of the situation of your pets ;-)

pies i kot psio-kocia przyjaźń

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

  • Are you getting ready for the adoption of a new cat or new dog and want to ensure that both - the resident and the new pet - will find their way in the new situation as stress-free as possible?


  • Do you run a foster home and want to ensure that the animals under your roof get along well with each other?

  • Are you considering adopting/purchasing a cat or dog and want to make sure that your pets are ready for an additional member of the family and need some advice on which animal, in terms of breed/character/age, would be the best fit for your herd?

  • There are dog-cat and cat-dog conflicts in your dog-cat household, and you want to take control of the situation?

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