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Jagoda (Blueberry)

Thank you for Agnieszka's incredible support and understanding. We received a lot of advice and valuable comments not only on separation anxiety but also on other dog topics. Even though we thought we were choosing a good moment to start cooperating, it turned out that life had other plans, and many additional problems befell us. However, Agnieszka supported us very much and cheered us on, and we can always count on a kind word and further advice. We never felt judged; even when we asked about something again, Aga explained everything very patiently, and we felt that she had a lot of knowledge. It's hard to find such empathetic and professional experts. We feel like we have our own cheerleader :)


-Inga and Patryk - guardians of Jagoda

Fenkul (Fennel)

From the very beginning, it is clear that Agnieszka is a professional. Everything was super well-described and explained. The walk together showed me a lot; even though Fenkul doesn't have any big problems (and I couldn't determine by myself whether it was a big problem because he's my first dog), the session turned out to be very helpful. From the next walks, I implemented the tips that Agnieszka suggested to me, and there is heaven and earth. The cooperation was exemplary; I got plenty of information, the report was clear,

and I have no complaints at all.

-Zuza and Fennel


Kotlet (Cutlet)

I am delighted with Agnieszka as a person. She has extensive experience and can convey her knowledge in a clear and very easy-to-follow way. Kotler is already making progress! He is definitely calmer, thanks to the recommended sniffing toys. Agnieszka is also very professional, prepared for the meeting in every detail, and has materials (tablets and charts) on which she shows the development of emotions in dogs. Now I understand much better (although I still have a lot of work ahead of me) what's going on in Kotlet's head :)


-Agnieszka and Kotlet


Everything is for A+. Rockuś is making significant progress and overall, we feel very well taken care of ;-)



- Natalia and Rocky

Rocky pies
Yoko pies


During our cooperation, I really appreciated the constant contact and the opportunity to consult even on small matters that did not necessarily directly concern separation anxiety but were necessary to work on Yoko's general well-being. Thanks to our cooperation, I definitely improved my understanding of Yoko, and it allowed me to notice more of her emotions, struggles, and needs. Yoko made great progress, even though only a month had passed since the beginning of therapy. She is more independent and takes the alone-time exercises less emotionally. After these few weeks, it is easier for me to describe her behaviour; more things are now clear to me. Yoko's changes in behaviour are very motivating. You had to wait for them for a while; some of them were small and therefore not immediately noticeable, but in hindsight, they now could be seen very clearly.


- Yoko and guardians Paula and Bartek


Forrest is a puppy bursting with energy and emotions. Overwhelmed by the range of dog behaviours that we could not control and trying to find information on our own, we decided to consult a behaviourist. When it comes to working with Agnieszka, first of all, I feel great understanding and support. This is a person who has a heart for animals and cares about their (and their guardians' :)) well-being. After the consultation, you can expect a lot of valuable tips relating to the current challenges your pup is facing, as well as a general assessment of the extent to which the dog's current needs are being met and what can still be worked on. The consultation did not automatically solve all the problems, but it was a very good starting point for our conscious work with Forrest. Agnieszka provided us with useful hints, both during the consultation and after it, because we received a summary in the form of a post-consultation report, which even included answers for our additional requests, such as, e.g. indicating valuable podcasts about dogs :), and we also received answers to e-mails containing new questions from our side. At this point, Forrest is coping with emotions better and better, and we are also trying to be more vigilant observers and help him get used to new situations. Our walks are becoming more and more pleasant (there are moments when Forrest doesn't want to go home, and we have started with just a few steps and back to the door), although we still struggle with picking up the "garbage" from the ground. We still see some areas for work, but it is encouraging that we are already seeing all the small successes. To sum up - thank you, and if anyone asks us, we will definitely recommend cooperation with Pet on the couch :)

- Gosia, Norbert and Forrest

pies Forrest
pies i koty Lulu, Stefan, Rysio, Kosta & Aria

Lulu, Stefan, Rysio, Kosta & Aria

We understood our animals better, and everything was explained so that even the most straightforward person could understand it. All the doubts were always dispelled, and each problem was thoroughly discussed; small steps forward, but we see the progress and know now how to behave and what to do in a given situation.


- Marysia & Lulu, Rysiu, Stefan, Kosta and Aria


We really liked everything, Agnieszka was very attentive to our needs, you could feel she was very well prepared and is knowledgeable, she took into consideration our puppy's health (he wasn't vaccinated yet), she had a lot of materials for the puppy, she took time to carefully explain everything and make sure we understand, she was very professional, the rapport was very detailed with many different tips to address the problem but also tips on other general things like food, treats, toys, and much more. She kept in contact after the meeting to check on the progress. It really helped us understand our dog better and thanks to the material and explanations she gave us there was a huge improvement in the situation. We already did recommended Pet on the couch to our friends and we definitely would again ;-).


- Luisa, Alex and Teacup

Teacup pies
Mafia i Makan


Colloquially speaking, if I were to summarize our cooperation with Agnieszka in one word, I would say that you "broke the spell" of the Mafia for us. You totally taught us how to communicate with our dog and understand dog language. In 2 months, we learned many messages from Mafia, and now we know how to respond to them and support her. This helped us greatly in working with the dog and gave us an excellent foundation for dealing with problematic behaviour. During walks, we know what to do in critical/stressful moments for Mafia, and we can slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel with her self-confidence. In the fight against separation anxiety, we have learned the action plan, and we know how to support it while normalizing loneliness - thanks to this, we have solid foundations to overcome separation anxiety :) All this is thanks to Agnieszka's great patience with the multitude of questions from us, dispelling our doubts and, above all, great support when we suddenly lost faith. Thank you for putting the wind in our sails and for helping us understand our Mafia better :) We could count on you in every situation - Thank you for finding you :)


- Gosia, Radek & Mafia i Makan

Henio (Henry)

Today, Henio and I are at the summer house with the second dog, named Boczek (Bacon), for the first time since the consultation, and we can already see the improvement in the relationship between the dogs. They rode politely in the car, and after arriving, they went out to the garden together. Then, they behaved calmly also inside the house. We'll see how it goes during the day :) So far, I'm delighted; I feel relieved and really supported. Finding a person like Agnieszka, full of empathy and kindness, with knowledge and a passion for deepening it - is a real gift :).

- Emilia, guardian of Henio

Lusia i Lambert koty rosyjskie niebieskie Anna Jarosik

Lusia & Lambert

Thank you for your warmth and accuracy in explaining what and how. Calmness! And, of course, a professional approach! Additionally, I asked a billion questions after the consultation, and I was never left without an answer :)


- Anna, guardian of Lusia and Lambert


Thank you very much for your consultation.

Agnieszka explained exactly what and how to do to help the cat. I learned a lot, and I hope the cat feels the difference, too. Without her, I would have given up on some topics a long time ago, and now I am convinced that all the changes introduced will pay off in the long run. Constant contact is definitely a plus - it's not just one consultation, but actually a constant support. The quality of cooperation definitely exceeded my expectations. 100% recommend.

- Marcin, guardian of Effy

Majka i Tokio

Majka, Tokio & Kicia (Kitty)

Thank you, Pet on the couch, for your yesterday's visit. We now understand the dog and cat home reality. I recommend Agnieszka to everyone who has pets. We have shelter adoptees, and some challenges are ahead of us :). I wouldn't have read so many pieces of advice and ideas from any books.


- Iza, guardian of Majka, Tokio i Kicia

Panda & Pixel

The consultation made us more aware of our cats needs especially around the playtime and following the predatory cycle. We also felt assured about using the pheromones and calming supplements which made a big difference to our cats behaviour. While the problem isn't completely resolved yet, we have already seen a big change especially in the play time as previously one of our cats would play for 1.5 hours or more! The cooperation was very good given it was all done online rather than face to face, and did give us plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The report and accompanying booklet and videos were also really useful and it's really good to have something to refer back to.


- Magda, Panda and Pixel

Pixel i Panda koty
Kaspel pies

Kapsel (Cap)

What we like the most is Agnieszka's openness, positive attitude, knowledge, motivation and, above all, the fact that despite our lows, she was able to support us and bring up the spirit. First of all, thank you for spending your time and listening to our complaints ;) We can see that we are making progress every day. We have learned the work pattern, and I think that thanks to the advice, we are much better able to read Kapsel's needs.


- Zuza, Tomek and Kapsel


Miss Agnieszka really helped us understand Luna's needs and also provided a lot of advice on matters related to her upbringing. Our dog struggled with the problem of emotional urinary incontinence, which was resolved thanks to cooperation with Miss Agnieszka, and we learned how to deal with such situations properly. Additionally, after each Luna's walk with Miss Agnieszka as a dog sitter, we received a detailed report describing what happened and often a few photos for the family album.


Moreover, Miss Agnieszka is a lovely person who clearly shows her passion for her work. We recommend it wholeheartedly! 😊

- Patrycja & Kamil, guardians of Luna

Luna Golden Retriver
Rejczel JRT

Rejczel (Rachel)

If I were to describe Agnieszka's work, the first words that come to mind are class, commitment and boundless love for animals. Rejczel is an absolutely delightful but also extremely characterful Jack Russell Terrier who likes to stand on his own, and in turn, she really didn't like being left alone at home (I know that from reliable sources of several independent neighbours! :)) After Agnieszka's intervention, the situation definitely improved, and the dog just loved her! I recommend her wholeheartedly!


- Tomek, Rejczel's guardian

Puszko (Fluffy)

I think the key thing for me was the sense of support I received from Agnieszka during our therapy; it allowed me to focus all my attention on observing Puszko's behaviour. From the beginning, I felt that we were working at a safe pace for him. It was the most motivating thing ever, seeing how, after many sessions, he simply relaxed and everything we did worked so clearly, and you could see the effects.

- Agata and Puszko

Puszek pies
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