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How can I help you?

Since I am a dog and a cat behaviourist, you can ask me for help with both your pups and kitties. Using my knowledge and experience with both of these species, I will also be happy to help you if you have a combined herd at home and need a comprehensive approach to establishing good relationships between animals, taking into account the needs and emotions of both species.

Offer for dogs

Here, you will find the full range of my dog services: behavioural support, training support and separation disorders therapy.

Offer for cats

Here, you will find the full range of my services and behavioural support for cats. 

Offer for
dogs and cats

Are you the owner of both - a dog and a cat - and want to work on their relationship, or are you planning to expand your herd? Then, this section is definitely for you. 

Additional services and fees

I also provide consultations in English. Please consider that in the case of consultations in English, there is an additional fee of PLN 30 on top of the given service price. Of course, the report and consultation materials will also be prepared for you in English ;-)



If more than one animal lives under your roof - please take into account that an additional fee of PLN 30 may be added to the given consultation price for each additional animal in your herd. Whenever I come across a two-pack or a larger animal group, I carefully analyse each animal's emotions independently and then the relationships between them because even a problem that seems to affect only one of your pets often may also affect the rest of the herd. Therefore, to be able to help you and plan therapy effectively, we need to examine all these relationships, take them into account and take care of the well-being of each animal individually so that the entire group can live better and happier together.

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