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PLN 850

Home Dog School


As a certified dog trainer, I will be happy to arrange and conduct individual classes tailored to your needs and capabilities in the comfort of your home.


Dogs of all ages and sizes are welcome. Let's debunk once and for all the harmful saying that, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Although puppies are the most common participants in such training, age does not really matter here, and older dogs can also gain a lot from such a dog school. Moreover, older dogs are often much more focused learners than playful puppies, and such training is an excellent tool for keeping a dog's mind and body in good shape. Well suited to individual predispositions, it will work even for senior dogs, and it will be something like the University of the Third Age, only in a dog version ;-)


In this type of training, I try to focus primarily on life skills, so we will practice words related to dog safety, such as recall or stopping cues (such as "leave them"), but also during the training, you will acquire the ability to take a stress-free approach to care treatments, learn the principles of attractive play and there will be an opportunity, for example, to get your dog acquainted with new objects and surfaces, to prepare them for everyday challenges and reduce their fear of new things.


Depending on the dog and your expectations of training, this course usually consists of 4-6 systematic meetings, but single meetings are also possible; more information can be found in the "Training session with a dog" offer. 


The training will be based solely on positive training methods. During each training session, it will be crucial for me to respect the dog's emotions so that your relationship strengthens and the dog is willing to work with you and derives a lot of joy from these exercises.

During our meetings, in an interactive and fun way, you will also learn from me what your dog's learning process is, making it even easier for you to train him/her effectively.

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

Home-based Dog School is an offer for you and your dog if:

  • you have been thinking about a group dog school, but the meeting hours do not suit you;


  • your dog is afraid of large groups of dogs or car rides, which is why group activities are not comfortable for you;


  • you want to keep the quarantine rules but start training as soon as possible in the comfort of your home;


  • you are a bilingual household and need training to be conducted in Polish and English, and group meetings are offered only in Polish;


  • you want to teach your dog specific tricks or behaviors, and you haven't found the right training program that will cover this area;


  • you have a senior dog at home, and you want to teach him new skills, but most of the classes on the market are focused on puppies.

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