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PLN 300

Training session
with a dog


As a certified dog trainer, I will be happy to help you in your training adventure. I will create an individual training plan tailored to you, your dog and your needs. We can meet for such classes, e.g. in the privacy of your apartment or home garden, a nearby park or training ground at convenient hours.


The training will be based solely on positive training methods. During each training session, it will be crucial for me to respect the dog's emotions so that your relationship strengthens and the dog is willing to work with you and derives a lot of joy from these exercises.

During our meetings, in an interactive and fun way, you will also learn from me what your dog's learning process is, making it even easier for you to train him/her effectively.

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

A training session with your dog is an offer for you if:

  • a puppy has appeared under your roof, and you want to teach him/her from scratch useful behaviours in everyday life;

  • you have an older dog at home, and you want to spend time together doing some fun training, play tricks, or, for example, learn the basics of nosework;

  • you have been thinking about a group dog school, but the meeting hours don't suit you, or your dog is afraid of larger groups of dogs or driving a car;

  • you need a single "tutoring" session to work on the elements you have trouble with in your group classes;

  • you want to work out a specific trick with your dog;

  • you want to teach your dog from scratch or improve long-unused cues and exercises, e.g. walking by your leg, staying in a sit or down position, solid recall;

  • you want to familiarize your dog with tasks like car rides or bathing;

  • or maybe you just want to play with your dog, diversify your daily routine and learn about exercises and games that you can introduce into your daily home rituals and walks.

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