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PLN 320 (online)

or PLN 350 (live)

Preparing your dog for life changes

live or online

Routine and predictability are essential elements in dogs' lives and contribute to their sense of security. Therefore, if you are planning changes in your life that will affect your pet, it is worth preparing him/her slowly so that the entire process is as calm and stress-free as possible. Every change, even for the better, is a source of stress for us, let alone for the pet who did not participate in the plans and preparations for these new life challenges.

Classically, prevention is better than cure, so it is worth preparing your pet for changes long before they are implemented.


So, if a new pet or household member is to appear in your house, or you are preparing for renovation or moving, in this type of consultation, we will jointly prepare your cat for the planned new things step by step.

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

​​​This type of consultation is an offer for you if:

  • you are expecting a baby and wondering how to prepare your dog for a new household member and a change in your daily routine;

  • you are planning to add a new dog or a cat to your herd and want to know how to introduce a new animal to the residents, step by step, to have the best chance of making them friends;


  • your partner has moved into your home, and you want to ensure their relationship with your pet is as friendly as possible;


  • you are planning a renovation or moving and want to make sure that your dog finds his/her way into the new space;


  • you have a holiday trip planned, and you want to prepare your dog for dog sitter visits or a hotel stay;


  • you are planning a job change that requires different hours of your absence from home and want to prepare your dog for it;


  • you and your pet are facing prolonged medical treatment, like frequent trips to the hospital or administration of tablets or rehab treatments, and you want this process to be as stress-free as possible for your dog;


  • you and your dog have experienced mourning after the death/departure of another household member/pet, and you want to help your dog go through this difficult period of adaptation to changes in the herd.

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