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PLN 320 (online)

and PLN 350 (live)

Pre-adoption consultation

live or online

Do you want to take in an adoptee from a shelter? 

Or maybe you are thinking about a kitten from a breeder and want to make sure you choose the one with whom you will create the perfect duo.


I created this pre-adoption consultation offer in response to that need, which takes place before the cat comes to your home.

Suppose you are just thinking about buying a cat and want to ensure which breed will be the most suitable for you and your lifestyle, place of residence or family situation. In that case, I wholeheartedly encourage you to attend such a meeting. However, it is worth adding here that the breed is only the beginning of our research because, of course, it indicates certain features of the cat, but each cat is still unique and will be characterized by different temperaments and personalities, even within one breed. 


Moreover, unfortunately, you can still fall victim to pseudo-breeders on the market, where the purchased cats, despite their assurances, are not purebred or tested for diseases. They often do not have an appropriate development and socialization period, which unfortunately causes a lot of stress and expenses in the future. We will discuss what reliable and legal breeding should be like, what you can expect from a breeder, what to check, and which animal to choose from the litter to be the right companion for you.


Or maybe your heart melted at the sight of a cat from the shelter? You want to learn more about his/her temperament and needs and know to what extent you can create a perfect duo and what and how you will need to work on after the adoption so that this cat, after difficult shelter experiences, regains a sense of security and finds a new forever home?

This is also an ideal option to learn the basics of pet care, what to prepare for, the basic needs of cats, and how to meet them. Of course, such a meeting will be beneficial if it is your first cat in your life, but behavioural and zoopsychological knowledge is developing so dynamically that even if you have already had a cat in the past, it is still worth meeting and going through the updates and latest tips on how to ensure the happiest cat life.

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

​​Pre-adoption consultation is an offer for you if:

  • you are preparing for the arrival of a cat to your home, and you want to prepare as best as possible for the role of a new cat parent and complete a layette that will really serve you and your kitty;

  • you are thinking about buying a cat and want to be sure that you will not fall victim to fraud from a pseudo-breeder;


  • you need help choosing a breed that's perfect for you and your lifestyle;


  • you need help assessing the character of a cat at a shelter or breeder before adoption.

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