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Dog neighbour & Corporate dog

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According to statistics, there are almost 8 million dogs in Poland. There are many amenities for dog guardians in urban spaces, but also many challenges. Dogs are increasingly present in our homes and often meet on local streets. Some cafes and shops allow pets to enter, and other companies allow their employees to come to work with their pups, and now many dogs must somehow coexist in those places.


Unfortunately, dogs do not always feel comfortable in many of those places, even if they are supposed to be dog-friendly. Dog parks can be a traumatic experience for many pets, bowls of water placed outside the shops can be a bacteriological bomb, and dogs in offices sometimes cannot cope with the multitude of stimuli.


And that's where the idea for this form of my help came from. Depending on your needs, I will be happy to create an individual plan for a single meeting or an entire training series tailored to specific animals and spaces.


Corporate dog

Do you run a company, and your employees are increasingly using the privilege of coming to work with their dogs?


On the one hand, this is a great benefit for employees, but also quite an organizational challenge. I will be happy to advise you and your employees on how to ensure the comfort of their pets and other employees so that everyone is safe and feels confident in the shared office space.​

We will consider how to adapt your office to the arrival of dogs to avoid stress, conflicts and bites. During the training for employees, those who do not have their own pets will also find something useful for themselves and will learn, for example, how to behave around dogs, whether and how they can pet them, and thanks to this, they will later share a joint office without stress.


It is also possible to extend such training with short mini-consultations for specific guardians and their dogs that will function in this shared space to assess the pet's temperament and decide whether and when they will feel comfortable spending time in the office and on what terms.


Dog neighbour

This offer is addressed, for example, to housing communities and real estate. It is worth ensuring that dog owners can function safely within the properties, that dog neighbours do not get into conflicts and that everyone can coexist harmoniously.

This training aimed at living spaces will focus on challenges such as dogs passing each other on staircases and narrow sidewalks and familiarization and safety with using the lift. I will also be happy to discuss the needs and safety of the building's cat residents. 


I also recommend such a meeting to architects and creators of a given estate already at the stage of designing the shared spaces - I will be happy to tell you how to use simple methods to arrange the space of an internal patio or the entrance to the building so that the dogs feel more confident there. Therefore, everyone is safer, and dog and cat lovers will more willingly choose this particular space for living. We will also talk about hygiene and potential separation problems.

We can extend such training with short mini-consultations for specific guardians and their dogs, plan dog meeting sessions for dog neighbours to make them feel better in each other's company, or assess whether any of the dogs need support when left alone at home and, for example constantly vocalizes, much to the frustration of the neighbours.


Working From Home
Dog Lover

Are you wondering if this type of consultation is designed for you?

Corporate Dog is an offer addressed to:

  • companies and corporations that allow employees to bring their pets to the office or want to introduce such a practice in the near future;


  • companies and corporations as part of exciting and unusual training for their employees, where we will discuss topics related to dogs (and cats) and learn about the world seen through their eyes;


  • the grassroots co-workers' initiatives - if you and your teammates, who are also dog lovers, want to ensure greater comfort of your dogs in the office;


  • management and employees of dog-friendly places, such as shops and restaurants, who want to know how to ensure your four-legged customers' comfort and safety.

Dog Neighbour is an offer for:

  • administrations, building managers and housing communities that want to ensure the comfort of all - small and large - residents of their properties;


  • befriended neighbours who want to ensure that your dogs get along better with each other, go for walks together, or to be able to exchange pet care with a neighbour;


  • architects, designers and all those who create urban and residential spaces, to whom I will be happy to tell how to take care of the needs of pets in the urban jungle, which is increasingly appreciated by those looking for their future apartment, as contrary to common belief, the ever-popular dog park near the block will not be the most optimal solution for the neighbourhood dogs.

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